A pair, an audio book CD and a book

Online radios are fun, however, it is more helpful if listening to and reading are exactly in parallel for an intermediate level adventurer. Here is a tip. Try to purchase your favorite novel in audio book CDs in the language in your study curve. Please try Online vendors { (de:/fr:/it:) Amazon.[de,fr,it];    (it:) IBS.it; }. Authentic Amazon.[de,fr,it] shops can handle international shipping. In the case of market vendors in Amazon.[de,fr], please pick a market vendor which clearly says (de:) Versand: Internationaler Versand möglich, (fr:) Information sur la livraison: Expédition à l'international disponible. IBS.it does international shipping. Once you have the audio book CD in your hand, make sure it is the full text reading of your favorite novel. Finally order the book itself as the same way, because books are more abundant than audio book CDs. A problem is an expensive shipping cost about 15 EURO, it is often more expensive than a book/audio CD itself. Despite this expensive shipping cost, when you are on the track of learning curve, a pair of an audio book CD and a book helps a lot. In the case of a novel in Spanish, TuneFind found them in US Amazon.com at US domestic cost and shipping. Of course you may walk around local vendors in California and Florida.

Regarding Russian audio book CDs, DVD movies and books, RBC Video Online at New York (www.bukinist.com) works perfectly.

Chinese/Japanese CDs and books are also available by the same way at (www.amazon.cn) and (www.amazon.co.jp) respectively. Although this is the easiest way, perhaps, but the expensive international shipping fee apply also. You may reduce the shipping fee dramatically, by taking a note of ISBN number of the book, and search at eBay (www.eBay.com). If you are lucky, you may find the same book with significantly reduced Air-Mail shipping cost from certain eBay sellers.

Added note: while you pick a favorite novel, it is the best if the novel is originally written in the language of your study curve, and this way assures the exact match of the pair. While your pick of novel replies on translation, the pair may differ in phrases, just like your Bible and your friend's Bible have the same meaning but not exact same phrases due to translation.