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Mission of TuneFind is to develop a good information service of music in all kinds of genre in its simple interface and search results. In addition, TuneFind provides helpful concepts and hints about computers for users.

What's going on
Currently, TuneFind is undergoing dynamic restructure to develop together with Web users. Especially, beloved songs and music are distinguished. Furthermore, major languages around the world are all integrated during navigation and search results.

Thank you very much! TuneFind's wish appeared to be fulfilled.
TuneFind's wishes are almost realized by many generous legal owners of copyrighted properties. TuneFind immensely owes you who made them accessible under the proper legal term and license. Now in 2013, TuneFind is working at our best speed to include External Links in our search results.

About a computer
Also, TuneFind posts many useful tips and knowledge about digital information and computer technologies. TuneFind provides helpful hints, and it covers three platforms (PC, Macintosh, and Unix_Linux). Recently, we are gradually shifting a focus on GNU-and-LINUX.

Legal entity
TuneFind is a nonprofit public benefit corporation (educational), classified under 501(c)(3).

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