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Dual, always dual. Everything dual.

Making "dual" :
You can make everything dual about your computer work environment.
Same model Laptop, two of them.
Same model Printer, two of them.
Same model monitor/keyboard share switch, two of them.
so on ....
All your personal files in the master disk and its shadow.

In daily life with computers, an error of printer, an error of network, an error of operating system, ... happen inevitably. And you are not sure what is wrong. Do your guess which likely causes the error. And do back and forth replacement test of the suspect by the convenience of your dual environment. Voila, you get in seconds what caused the problem. For the hardware parts, the exact same model or similar model works well.

√Tips    Master and Shadow
Switching the subject of "dual" about digital files and software, dual maintenance of your personal files is a good idea, but do not confuse with multiple copies possession. Scattering multiple file copies are very bad idea, because you often end up working not at the latest file but at an older version file. Your predicament: which file you will work on. You better have the only one master disk, and every your work will be updated on that master disk. And I secure the master disk by copying the entire content into another hard disk. Recently I even use an external hard disk which doesn't have an Operating System. And I call it "shadow" of the master disk. The shadow contents are never edited for your real work. The shadow is always simple backup copy of the master in case of loss or damage of the master. At accident the shadow gives you a brand new master disk in a few minutes.

Uniqueness of TuneFind "dual" utility.
"Dual" reports the difference between master and shadow. This utility doesn't do a backup copy for you. Please you do it manually. Among bunch of other backup utilities, the uniqueness of TuneFind's "dual" is its transparency and no sophistication. With organized folders in one directory, this dual utility shows which folders were changed recently. You can take control each step and can view which files are in the folders, and even take control of dual's source codes. You can see everything. You also see the power of batch processing of multiple files.

Utility "Dual" for dual files.
An idea of "Dual" is so simple. The ZIP/Flash disk stays as the master disk of your documents for your convenience at work-home multiple computers environment. Your document moves around with these master ZIP/Flash disks. Occasionally ZIP/Flash disks suffers a disk damage, or a loss. In advance to an accident, you pick a hard disk, and your entire ZIP/Flash disk contents are copied onto the hard disk (shadow) under the same name of ZIP/Flash's label name. And periodically, you run a scanning utility programs (below). It reports folder names whose content of files were changed recently, then you refresh (re-copy) only those changed folders from master ZIP/Flash disks to the shadow. Don't edit files at shadow, but the shadow exists only for the recovery.

Dual, a scanning utility between master and shadow.
Explanatory Documents Executable Programs C-Codes
MacDual(OS7/8/9) Codes
MacDual(OSX) Codes
Unix-Dual Codes
Linux-Dual Codes
Linux-Server Codes

'Dual' older versions :   revision history .

Programming codes in C, introduction.
C is a general-purpose programming language originally designed by Dennis Ritchie circa 1978, influenced by the language B, which is written by Ken Thompson in 1970. The popularity of C grows since then. The programming codes of the utilities above are provided. Although those C-codes are old style, they are good enough for you to get started your customization. For C-language beginner, a little introductory samples are provided below. C is everywhere, and you can spot influence of C such as a newer branch of Web-language PHP language (Personal Home Page), so you shouldn't miss the C.

Introductory C-codes

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