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Beyond instrumental music the songs have lyrics. How exciting when you know what they say in their local languages. Not only TuneFind Web tries to match Web visitor's native languages, but also it takes an active role for foreign language guide. In the past few years, TuneFind offered the seeding efforts of listening and reading novels and movies(films) in foreign languages. Now we TuneFind is embarking on the expansion from the key member in the language group to entire members of the group. You clearly notice that each group preserves solid grammatical structure. The rest of challenge is how to overcome different vocabularies.

Here we present the demonstrative word in party-line (group line) division;   [GERMANIC] (en:) Bread, (de:) Brot, (nl:) Brood, (sv:) Bröd;   [ROMANCE] (pt:) Pão, (fr:) Pain, (it:) Pane, (es:) Pan, (ro:) Pâine;   [SLAVIC] (ru:) хлеб, (bg:) хляб, (serbia:) хлеб, (pl:) chleb, (cz:) chléb, (sk:) chlieb , here Cyrillic letters correspond to alphabet letters as х = ch, л = l, б = b.   Not all the words are like this (three group-line patterns), but some words have a few cross-group line mess-ups or multiple words (individually multiple in one group). Having equipped with these knowledge about group line vocabulary consistency, now you/we can quickly expand your/our ability from one key member language to the entire members in its language group. It is obvious that reading and listening ability is the key to understand completely the songs in foreign languages. Once your understanding expands, your bosom friends and happiness also. TuneFind continues to post some traveling links to radio stations, which you can jump in right now. We gradually supplement miscellaneous foreign language study guides and check points. This is a travel guide stimulating foreign language study. Enjoy listening!

Germanic Language Group

(de:) das Erste (ARD)
Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland  
(de:) Bayerischer Rundfunk
(Germany, Bayern Radio)
Die Hauptstadt von dem Bundesland ist München. Die Luft des Bayern Königreiches bleibt. Nicht nur klassische Musik durch Orchester, traditionelle Lieder und die Musik der Gegenwart, sondern auch können Sie viele angenehme Volksmusik und Tanzmusik durch Blaskapelle, die Zither order das Akkordeon hören. Besonders groß ist Ihrer Vergnügen, wenn Sie Bier trinken und tanzen.

( The central city of the state is Munich. There is the air of legendary Bayern kingdom. Not only classic music by orchestra, traditional songs, and contemporary songs, but also you can listen to a lot of pleasant folk and dance music by brassband, lute, and accordion. Your happiness will be special when you drink a beer and dance. Look for words "Live hören"(hear) or "Webradio starten". )

(de:) Lernen leichite deutsche und englische Konversation     1     

(nl:) Nederlandse Publieke Omroep
     Het nieuws van alle kanten

(nl:,  be_Vlamingen:)   De publieke televisiezender   voor Nederlanders en Vlamingen in het buitenland
     Online TV BVN_Live

Svenska (Swedish), Dansk (Danish), Norsk (Norwegian) are so close each other.

(sv:) Sveriges Radio
Lyssna direct

(dk:) Radio | DR
Hør Live Radio

(no:) Radio/TV NRK no
NRK no


(en:)   English

English is the most dynamic and vibrant member in GERMANIC group. Assuming you speak in English, no English radio station is offered here. This page is for stimulating foreign language study. Having said that, TuneFind wants to emphasize what makes English language so unique by comparing with ROMANCE (es:/fr:/it:/pt:) and another GERMANIC (de:) and one SLAVIC (ru:). English language sheared off evidently two key grammatical features. Gender of nouns and ending formulas of verbs. First, Gender issues: ROMANCE (es:/fr:/it:/pt:) have Masculine and Feminine, two genders for nouns. German and Russian have Masculine, Neuter, and Feminine, three genders for nouns. Adjectives to nouns follow the gender matching rules, and these rules add elegance and flavor to the languages, however, demand brain-spinning time while writing and speaking. Let's move on to the topics of the ending formulas of verbs. -AR and -ER/-IR formulas are typical to Spanish/Portuguese verbs; similarly, Italian verbs have additional "E", thus -ARE and -ERE/-IRE as verb-ending formulas. While French verb misses -AR formula, it has -ER/-IR/-RE. German verbs generally end as -EN. Russian verbs generally end in -АТь (comparable to -AR, -ARE formulas in ROMANCE), or -ИТь/-ЕТь (comparable to -ER/-IR, -ERE/-IRE formulas in ROMANCE), plus a little other ending formulas. Now, when it comes to the English language, it sheared off completely these grammatical formalisms. At the first sight of English verbs in infinitive form, due to no word ending rule we can't predict whether it is noun, adjective, or verb. However you recognize verbs empirically and by the location in the sentence. English verbs in practical use have two simple conjugation rules : past tense -ED, present_participle/gerund -ING. TuneFind can't say this is a good habit or a bad habit, but obviously English language cuts off the brain-spinning time significantly to be shorter. (it:) Le Invasioni Barbariche !

TuneFind will extend the above analyses and explanation, when it assimilates the other members in GERMANIC and SLAVIC language groups.

Romance Language Group

(es:) Radio Nacional de España, Madrid
  Página principal
El tesoro de música en gente que habla Español es grande, mundialmente, y muy romántico. No solo la música, también el baile es la mayor diversión en fines de semana. Por ejemplo "Recuerdos de la Alhambra" por Francisco Tárrega: puede encontrarlo en TuneFind DB con el guitarrista David Russell (sobre información de CD). Con éste, quizás, su viaje hacia Madrid será muy romántico.

( The treasure of music in Spanish speaking people is enormous, world-wide, and very romantic. Not only romantic music, but also the dance at the weekend is their favorite thing. For example, "Memories of Alhambra" by Francisco Tárrega: you can find CD infomation at TuneFind under a guitarist David Russell. Perhaps, with this, your travel to Madrid will become a very romantic one. Look for words "Escuchar"(listen) or "En vivo"(live). )

(fr:) Radio France
  Page principale
Programmes: parler, musique, et nouvelles. Imaginez sur "Quatorze Juillet" (René Clair, 1933, un film). Rappelez vous lanternes vibrantes au chansons a cette jour? Comment douce est la musique! Je souhaite que j'aie été les lanternes. Quand il est difficile de trouver "Quatorze Juillet", puis "Sous les toits de Paris" (René Clair, 1930, un film) est une bonne alternatif pour se sentir les chansons.

( Programs : talk, music, and news. Imagine about René Clair's film 14th of July. Do you remember the vibrating lanterns in chansons in the film? What a sweet music it is! I wish I were the lanterns. In case "Quatorze Juillet" is hard to find, "Under the roofs of Paris" is a good alternative to feel chansons. Go to France-Inter, France-Info etc, then look for words "direct", "écoutez le direct". )

(it:) Radiorai Italia (
  Prima Pagina
(it:) TGLA7 (
  Prima Pagina
Anche se il pianoforte (oggi chiamato piano) è forse da attribuire a Silbermann durante il diciottesimo secolo in Germania, il violino è un arte Italiana come lo Stradivari. Puoi percepirne la storia in radio. Ecco una storiella di quando Charles Chaplin visitò Roma per la prima del suo film "Limelight" (1953).
» Sono stato onorato ... dal Presidente e dai Ministri. ... Quando siamo arrivati in limousine, la folla era lungo il lato più distante della strada – troppo lontano, ho pensato. Con tutta la mia benevolenza ed il mio fascino sono sceso dalla limousine e mi sono avviato in mezzo alla strada, e prima del fiume di flashes, ... in un instante mi si è riversata una tempesta di cavoli e pomodori. Non ero sicuro cosa fossero o cosa stesse accadendo finché sentii il mio amico italiano, l'interprete, lamentarsi dietro di me: "È pensare che questo sta accadendo nel mio Paese". ... A questo punto l'umorismo della situazione mi ha colpito e non sono riuscito a smettere di ridere. Anche il mio amico Italiano non ha potuto fare a meno di ridere con me. «

( While a forte piano (now called a piano) may be developed by Silbermann in 18th century in Germany, the violin is an Italian art such as Stradivari. You can feel the history in the radio. Here is a small story when Charles Chaplin visited Rome for his movie premiere of "Limelight" (1953).
  » I was honoured ... by the President and the Ministers. ... When we drove up in a limousine, the crowds were roped off on the far side of the street - too far, I thought. With all my graciousness and charm I stepped out and around the limousine into the middle of the road, and, before a flood of arc-lights, ... Instantly a barrage of cabbages and tomatoes flew by me. I was not too sure what they were or what had happened until I heard my Italian friend, the interpreter moaning at the back of me: 'To think this should happen in my country'. ... Then the humour of the situation struck me and I could not stop laughing. Even my Italian friend had to laugh with me. « )
Look for words "Ascolta Radiorai" (a middle colorful strip-like menu) and click "Radio 1", "Radio 2", "Radio 3", etc.
Copyright permission.   Acknowledgement to the publisher.

(it:, es:) Aprender Italiano Mientras Duermes // 125 Frases Basicas \\ Subtitulos
(it:, de:) Italienisch für Anfänger, Lektionen 1 und 3
(it:, de:) Das kann jeder sprechen... ITALIENISCH!     1 (it:,es:)      2 (it:,de:)      3 (it:,de:)      4 (it:,de:)     

(pt:) em Brasil, JovenPam, São Paulo.
  Página principal
Futebol! Goooooooaaaaaaaaale!

Os jogos excitados do futebol é aproximadamente um terço de tempo de emissão. O ar é sempre agradável. Parece que isto vem da mistura de cultura latina, africana e até asiática no país de área enorme.

( Football! The excited football games take about one third of broadcasting time. The air is always pleasant. I believe, this comes from the special concoction of Latin culture, African culture, and even Asian culture in territorial spacious luxury. Look for words "OUÇA AO VIVO" (hear the live) at right side. )

(pt:) RTP - Rádio e Televisão de Portugal.
  Página de Rádio

Slavic Language Group

Russian language scares you because of the different looks of alphabet characters. And the thing which makes you more difficult is the completely different keyboard map as shown in the alphabet table.

Russian Alphabet Table

Now with computers, there is a way to take advantage of alphabetical overlap between Russian and Western alphabets. Then you can directly jump into Russian typing from Western typing habit.

gedit Cyrillic (transliterated) input method

Tip A [LINUX]      LINUX operating system (OS) conceived in 1991 by Linus Torvalds and was notorious in 1990s, but now different. Please refer to COMPUTER section how to convert PC to LINUX. You better have one or two LINUX OS running computers at your hand. And gedit comes with almost all LINUX variants, such as Fedora Core, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Mint etc. Start a blank gedit file. At a body space of document, click the right-side on mouse for special functions. Among the pop-up lists near the bottom, you see Input Methods, and go there and pick Cyrillic (Transliterated). Now on, when you type your keyboard, alphabetically corresponding Russian characters appear.

Tip B [PC, MAC, LINUX]      Please use/purchase USB Russian keyboard (also available for Korean keyboard) which works as an external keyboard.

TuneFind has been using a portable, soft-flexible silicon keyboard, which you can purchase usually at There are different versions available such as Russian and Korean. And they work super. Please take a look at the following two pictures. keyboard_pictures

(ru:) По-Русски
  Русский Интернет (собрание)
(Russian Internet, collective)
Russia TV
      Russia TV  
С "Война и мир" Толстого и кино Сергея Эйзенштейна, изображение русского было большой, гигантский и мощный. Недавно при встрече с любимой комедией "Кавказская Пленница или Новые Приключения Шурика", это изображение не более тот же. Исследуйте вокруг.
Здесь как я получил "Кавказская Пленница". Вначале я арендовал видео VHS на местном магазине в Калифорние 91601, тогда я купил DVD от [].

( With "War and Peace" of Tolstoy and movies from Sergei Eisenstein, the image of Russian was big, gigantic and powerful. Upon recent encounter with a comedy film "Kidnapping Caucasian Style or new Shurik's adventures", the image of Russian is no longer the same. Explore around.
Here is how I got the "Kidnapping Caucasian Style". At first I rented a VHS video at a local shop in North Hollywood (California 91601), then I bought the DVD from [] (New York).

Note for : Go to Russian Radio, then pick a radio station such as Russkoe Radio, Radio Baltica etc. )

(ru:, fr:) 1000 французских фраз; 1000 коротких Французский фраз     1 (ru:, fr:)      2 (ru:, fr:)     

(hu:) Magyar

Retro Rádió, Kezdőlap
      Retro Rádió, Kezdőlap  

Arabic Language Group

Arabic Language Group

(Arabic:) Alif Alif FM 94 (Riyadh) (for example) FM 94
(Arabic:) Saudi Arabia Radio Stations (collective) (collective) Links

( Excuse us, we are still not good at writing in Arabic letters. According to a dictionary, Spanish speaker's favorite phrase of benediction (praying to God), "(es:) ¡Ojalá que (verbo_subjuntivo) ...! ", comes from arabic phrase "oxalá" or "wa sha Allah", wishing that all mighty God Allah will bless and bring happiness. Now we know, while speaking this phrase often with Spanish speaking friends, we are already part-time Arabic speakers and Islamic temporarily. Please wait for a while for further development in Arabic language. )

Altaic Language Group
(jp:) 日本語: NHK Radio Japan Online
  Main page

( Melting into the mother nature; happiness of animals and plants are the central to the Japanese. For example, "Swimming up Koi-fish in air" in spring and the cultural symbol Pine-Bamboo-Plum. You can hear traditional music only at festival. There are great literature and poems, and with the original language access, you can have this world. )

(kr:) 한국어
  KBS WORLD Radio, 뉴스 등
현대 한국어 한글은 조선 시대 세종이(世宗) 학자에게 명령해서 1443년에 만드러젓다. 그러나 중국과에 문화적 유대가 강해서 한국에 상류게급은 언제나 두나라 문자을썻다, 말할적에난 한국어, 글을쓸적에는 한자엿다. 최근20세기가되여쓰는것도 한국어한글이널리퍼지게되엿다. 한글은 현재쓰이고 있는 여러나라 알파벳트(문자표기법)중에저도 가장과학적으로 작성되여 있는중에 하나다. 시엄을해보멘 문자가즉시 발음이 되는것을 알수있다.

( The national alphabet, Hangul, was developed by the decree of Sejong (4th king of the Joseon Dynasty, also known as Yi Dynasty) in 1443. Having close relationship with Chinese culture, the Korean upper classes were bilingual in a sense; they spoke Korean but wrote in Chinese. Only in 20th century, they mostly write in Hangul. It is considered one of the most scientific alphabets in use in any country. )

Get the USB external keyboards, two, Russian and Korean. keyboard_pictures

1.   "(en:, kr:) My First 25 Words in Korean | albumation"
2.   (en:, kr:) Learn Korean while you Sleep // 100 BASIC Phrases & Words \\ Subtitles     2     
3.   (en:, kr:) Learn Korean in 50 Minutes - ALL of Your Absolute Beginner Questions Answered!     3     
4.   (en:, kr:) Learn 30 Essential Korean Verbs For Beginners     4     
5.   (en:, kr:) Korean subway anouncements explained     5     
6.   (en:, kr:) 190 Must-Know Korean Words and Phrases     6     

한국언니 Korean Unnie, A Korean Teacher

한국언니 Korean Unnie is expanding rapidly, so it moved to another page.

Brief introduction of the course teacher Korean Unnie 한국언니

1.   Spectacle, "(kr:) 올챙이송, (en:) The Tadpole Song"      1
2.   Her Life in Seoul, a peek "(kr:) Oh hi there... this is my OrDiNaRy LiFe in Seoul, South Korea      2

Talk To Me In Korean
1.   (en:, kr:) One-Stop Guide to Korean Particles - 은/는/이/가 (Subject & Topic Markers)     1     
2.   (en:, kr:) 13 ways to say VERY in Korean     2     
3.   (en:, kr:) Common Sentence Endings In Korean     3     
4.   (en:, kr:) 2 ways you accidentally sound rude in Korean     4     
5.   (en:, kr:) How to say [feeling] in Korean (기분 vs. 느낌) - Korean Q&A     5     
6.   (en:, kr:) Korean Q&A - If you can’t say 당신, how do you say YOU in Korean?     6     
7.   (en:, kr:) Korean Q&A - Many Meanings Of 그냥     7     
8.   (en:, kr:) Confusing Double Consonant Sounds In Korean [TalkToMeInKorean]     8     
9.   (en:, kr:) She is not 그녀. [TalkToMeInKorean] CONCLUSION: Omit personal pronouns, if possible.     9     

Chinese-Tibetian Language Group
(cn:) 中文-汉语
  (cn:) 上海东方广播电台,蜻蜓FM


( It is amazing that the earliest Chinese dynasty Yin traces back to 1,400 B.C. Since then, this country's history flew like Yangtze river. The river is so big as if like a ocean. And more than dozen dynasties rose and fell, and made stories. The beautiful poems and verses by Li Bai (cn:李白), Du Fu (cn:杜甫), and Bai Juyi (cn:白居易) are well memorized throughout East Asian people. )

(de:, cn:) Lernen Sie Chinesisch im Schlaf ||| Die wichtigsten Chinesischen Sätze und Wörter     1     
(en:, cn:) Basics of Chinese Grammar Explained in 10 Minutes     2     

Perhaps, you are going to develop your own list of traveling itinerary radio links beyond the above, taken this list as an idea. The major tool is Google. If you find a good Internet radio station, please let TuneFind know. Thanks.

Reference (External Links)

Extract from MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY by Charles Chaplin published by The Bodley Head. Used by permission of The Random House Group Limited.